AdShare and Nettwerk One Music Forge New Optimization Relationship

December 10, 2014

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – December 09, 2014 – AdShare™ (, the leading social media monetization service for music, film, television and sports rights-holders, has announced a YouTube optimization contract with Nettwerk One Music, the publishing division of the Nettwerk Music Group. The exclusive two-year contract will feature optimization for all of Nettwerk One Music’s clients; including artists such as 10,000 Maniacs, Sinead O’Connor, Johnny Reid and more than 20,000 individual copyrights.

“Terry McBride (CEO Nettwerk Music Group) has built a world-class organization and we are proud to have the opportunity to deploy our technology and infrastructure to help them make more money on YouTube,” said Adshare CEO Jason Peterson.

“This agreement with AdShare ensures our YouTube content monetization will achieve its maximum potential,” said Mark Jowett, co-founder and VP of Nettwerk One Music. “AdShare’s long-standing track record of applying expertise and cutting edge technology to deliver unparalleled results gives us confidence as they manage our YouTube Content Management System.”

AdShare will administer a trio of vital services to Nettwerk One Music to maximum profit for the company:

  • Asset ingestion to ensure that metadata is properly delivered to YouTube, earning revenue from the start.
  • The AdShare optimization team will resolve claim disputes, identify and resolve any potential errors preventing monetization in the YouTube ecosystem.
  • New claims are made on user-generated content in conjunction with YouTube’s Content ID system.

AdShare helps content rights-holders maximize the monetization of social media outlets. As Peterson explains, “The YouTube ecosystem is complex and does not perform optimally without continued monitoring. AdShare has documented over 30 “error factors” in YouTube that can keep an asset or video from making money for rights-holder(s). Viral videos often get the majority of their views in the first few days. Our team of dedicated optimization experts identify client content early on to ensure the highest revenue possible on uploaded videos. Compositions can also go unidentified inside YouTube’s Content ID system. This includes live recordings and song covers, both of which AdShare will provide optimization for Nettwerk throughout the duration of the agreement.”

A complete list of composers and artists managed by AdShare can be found here:


About AdShare™:
AdShare is the leading social media monetization service for music, film, television, and sports rights-holders. It brings together a technology oriented multi-disciplinary approach to monetizing fan engagement online. AdShare’s offerings include providing full service YouTube monetization and for existing YouTube Partners, the most robust and effective optimization service on the market – generating substantial new revenue for its clients. Over 150 major media clients trust AdShare to monetize their brands and more than two million of their copyrights online. Nearly 800 million people from around the world engage with content represented by AdShare every month. AdShare is an autonomous offshoot of GoDigital Media Group (GDMG), a media/tech company incubator and early stage venture capital group.

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About Nettwerk One Music:
Nettwerk One Music is a proactive, international multi-faceted music publishing company. Our goal is to develop and promote high caliber songwriters by seeking as many opportunities as possible in order to expose their work to the world.


Steven Folsom

Director of Corporate Communications – AdShare